You Don’t Need a Graphic Designer – Or Do You?

I firmly believe graphic design serves a purpose not only in the world of commerce, but in society in general. As a designer, I love visiting new towns, reading local newspapers and looking around shops. The advertisements and shop signs give away useful information about the culture and create the atmosphere.

The same applies to businesses. You can tell when a business card has been laid out with care and good taste and you’re probably looking at the work of a graphic designer.

Graphic Design is visual communication.

A graphic designer will help you communicate and present your business, product or service to the world.

Do you need a designer because you’re going into business?

To be honest, you don’t need a graphic designer just because you’re selling a product or service, or starting a new business. Just have a look at the home brands in your local supermarket. No flashy colours, no cool typography or illustration work, and yet these products sell.

But what if you want to differentiate your products or services from others? If that’s the case, you need help from a graphic designer to help you create a brand identity!

What is Brand Identity?

  • Brand Identity is about perception. It determines how the world sees you and relates to your product or service.
  • Brand Identity is part of your overall branding: it’s all about you and your business, including everyone who is a part of that business.
  • Branding covers everything from the way the employees dress and answer the phone to the visual communications your business presents to the world.

These visual clues include your logo, all your marketing collateral and your website.

These elements of the branding equation are the visual identity of your business and a graphic designer will help you develop a strong visual identity for your brand.

“Yes, I do need help with my business visual identity! Where do I start?”

You can get help from several sources. From ‘Do It Yourself’ online free logo and free website services to top advertising agencies that work with big budgets.

But if you are going into business and are interested in presenting a professional image, a free logo won’t do the trick. Nor will a free website.

If you are genuinely interested in developing the visual identity of your business as an asset, you need help from professional graphic designers. So obviously the next questions are:

Only you can decide if you need a graphic designer or not, but remember that money invested in graphic design is an investment in your business. Many clients tell me that the confidence and professional weight that comes from having a great logo and visual identity is invaluable in helping them set up and grow their business.

What makes you decide to hire a graphic designer or try to get by without one?

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