Graphic Design


What is Graphic Design?

In a nutshell, it’s a creative process combining art and technology to communicate ideas. As designers, our work becomes an integral part of any business, ensuring visual communication is consistent across all media.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you can engage our creative services to help you market your products and services. Our job is to make your business appealing to your target audience.

With Soul Space Design, your visual marketing needs will find a unique solution. What’s the secret? No secret, it’s just a special blend of enthusiasm and focus, plus ethics and experience (including 15 years working internationally).

Specialising in visual communication,
we can help you if you are:

An established business whose brand identity needs refreshing or updating.

Maybe your business has outgrown your brand, or worse, maybe you’ve never had time to think about ‘branding’ your business. You might be leading the field but if your business look and feel is stuck in the 90s you need help. Get in touch, we can help.

A business that needs a professional presence in the marketplace.

Unsure about where to start or perhaps you’ve been hearing about social media but don't know how it can relate to your business. Whatever the scenario, we could be the perfect fit for you! We’ll get you started with what’s most important for your business. At the same time creating space for growth and change, as we hope to be here for you and be part of your business for years to come.

A creative business or organisation looking to outsource Australian graphic design services.

Our White Label Services are perfect for professionals at the top of their game in fields such as business coaching, marketing and publishing who want to concentrate on their particular area of expertise but need to offer a graphic design service to their clients.

Business logos, visual branding, infographics, illustrations, photo retouching and marketing collateral. We can help you!

Graphic Design in Noosa, Sunshine Coast and Australia-wide

Taty has a huge amount of experience having worked for Disney for many years. Her creativity ensures the end product is professional & appealing. If you are considering re-branding, then you have to consult with Taty! 

Ash Smith

Proprietor Maroochy River Pest Control

Do you need a Graphic Designer?

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