What is a brand?

A brand is the perception and expectation we have about a person, company,  business, product or service.

People will get to know your brand through experience.

Whenever people interact with your service or product, they ‘experience’ your brand and the quality of that experience determines your success. Whether or not you pay attention to the experience your brand gives, it begins to happen as soon as you are in the marketplace.

A good brand represents you accurately, it is something people can identify with, and most of all, it helps people choose your product or service.


What is brand Identity?

Brand identity is the visual and tangible expression of a brand.

If you run a business, your brand identity includes things like how you dress, answer the phone, the way you talk; right through your logo, business card, website and all the other touchpoints of your business. 

Brand identity appeals to the senses:


…and in terms of how your audience perceives your brand identity, one of the most telling and compelling senses is Sight.


What is Visual Identity?

It’s the visual expression of a brand, the way your brand looks to your audience.

Brand, branding, brand identity and visual identity are words often used interchangeably. The correct term will depend on what specific element you are referring to.

Your Business Visual Identity

Visual identity reaches out to the emotive side of human beings. It can be powerfully non-rational and because of that, it’s vital to pay close attention to exactly how your business appears to the world of commerce – and especially to your target market!

We craft unique visual identities because above all, we focus on understanding you and your business.

Who are you? (or, Who do you want to be?) What represents you? How do you want to be perceived in the marketplace? Then, we take the time to find out how to present the ideal ‘you’ to your ideal market. This is critical because a properly designed visual identity is consistent across all the touchpoints of your brand.

The central touchpoint in your visual identity is often the logo. We’ll develop your new logo, or update your existing one, along with other elements to support your brand such as:

  • your brand colour palette
  • backgrounds
  • photos
  • icons
  • illustrations
  • typography

All of the above graphic elements are then applied to the touchpoints of your brand and marketing material. This is what creates your brand visual identity.

A well-designed visual identity can put you far ahead of the competition, especially if you have a strong marketing plan.

Developing a visual identity for a new business

Bling Cleaning logo information

Every business needs a strong visual identity to succeed, especially if you:

Soul Space Design is here to help you! Designer Maria ‘Taty’ Hindes has the local and international commercial experience to create the right visual identity for you.

View our work to see the type of designs we could be producing for you too. If you have never worked with a graphic designer, you will find lots of essential information on the subject in our blog and on the Frequently Asked Questions page; or simply feel free to contact us. We’re keen to hear from you!

We approached Taty to help us with our branding and our website.

Taty met with us to discuss a couple of ideas that we had. At our next meeting, Taty presented us with some options which “blew us away”. Our branding decision was made at that second meeting. Taty also designed our amazing website which is a true reflection of who we are and the business that we had created.

Taty is very intuitive and wonderfully creative!

Based on our experience, we can strongly recommend Taty to anyone looking for a fresh, original approach to their organisation’s branding and website creation.”

Ruth Slade and Sharron Walker

Slade and Walker Accountants

Do you need a Graphic Designer?

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