What is a logo?

A logo is a part of your business, product or service visual identity. Logos can also be known as Logotypes; Brandmarks; Trademarks; Symbols; Marks and Identity.

A logo has many roles to play in regards to the visual identity of your business. In many instances a logo is the first thing that someone thinks of when they hear your business’s name for example, when you hear the name Coca-Cola or Google what comes into your mind?

Some of the roles a logo can play in your business include:

  • Providing a visual expression.
  • Giving or adding ‘personality’.
  • A unique and valuable asset.
  • Being a visual representation.
  • Aligning itself to a particular target market or audience.

Why do you need a logo?

There are many reasons why you might consider having a logo designed. Some of the many reasons could be if you are:

  • Starting a new business.
  • Introducing a new product range or service.
  • Changing the business name.
  • Changing the nature of your current business.
  • Updating or rebranding because your current logo is a little out-dated or old-fashioned.
  • Wanting to make it easier for consumers to identify your product or business.
  • Needing to differentiate your business or product from similar businesses or products in the marketplace.

Characteristics of a logo

Any good logo which is doing its job has a number of characteristic that make it successful including:


It should create an honest bond between the brand and what the business stands for.


Can be as subtle as conveying a feeling or be direct and to the point see article 7 different types of logos for small business.


Should allow your business to evolve over time.


Your logo should be able to be used in many different ways including:

  • Working well in black and white as well as in full colour.
  • Working well online and in print.
  • Able to be scaled without losing its appeal
  • Able to be legally protected (trademark)*.

*If clip art has been used to create your logo, you cannot protect it. If you can’t afford a professional graphic designer, I strongly suggest you to wait until you can make the investment.

Who creates logos?

Technically, anyone who can draw can create a logo; however, it is not as simple as that of course!

As discussed, a logo is the starting point of the visual identity of your business and needs to be and do many things to be successful.

For a professional logo that truly represents the visual identity of your business, product or service and can be reproduced time and time again in varying different situations you need to see a professional graphic designer. Graphic designers create logos for you and help you in the development of the right visual identity for your business. They can also assist in creating a range of marketing collateral for you and ensure that your logo is represented correctly every time.

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