Owner / designer

Taty Hindes

Creative, Maria Teresa Rivera de Hindes, known as Tatiana or Taty for short has worked in the United States, Latin America and since 2003, in Australia as a graphic designer, illustrator and art director. Taty has designed for Hallmark, Disney, the Discovery Channel, Subway, Unilever, Hilasal and Nestlé among others; working with creative professionals from all over the world.

Taty started her design journey working in the design and marketing department of a large newspaper corporation in her native country El Salvador while studying art and design at university. 

taty rivera hindes in 1986 working on a desk
Taty Rivera de Hindes, 1986. Designing newspaper ads.

In 1987 Taty moved from print into textile media, becoming one of the youngest creatives to work for Disney Latin America.

Taty working as the Head Designer for Hilasal brand 1988
Designing for Disney Latin America

In 1989 she left El Salvador to pursue a Master Degree in Digital Media, thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship awarded by Harvard University – Laspau.

Upon her return to San Salvador in 1992, Taty was the first designer in Latin America with formal qualifications in digital art. Because of this, she helped create digital art departments in both private and governmental sectors in El Salvador, including, setting up digital art departments and training people in the use of desktop computer and design software.

first digital arts department university dr jose matias delgado
First digital arts department at University Dr Jose Matias Delgado. Created by the School of Visual Arts, team lead by Taty Hindes. 1993.
digital art department for El Salvador Gov
This is the first Digital Arts department for El Salvador Government. Created in 1994, team lead by Taty Hindes.
Taty Rivera Hindes working in San Salvador 1997
Taty working in her Design studio M&R, 1997

Back in the 90’s, Taty fell in love with the Mac computer and the then called desktop publishing world while studying in Boston. Since then, Taty’s been passionate about design software and her speaking engagements have included Apple events in America.


Alongside her career as a creative, for over 16 years Taty taught and lectured design courses at universities in America and Australia. What’s more, if your first language is Spanish, you will feel right at home in your dealings with her.

Taty is a proud Fulbright Scholar and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Design from the Massachusetts College of Arts and Design in Boston, USA and a Bachelor of Graphic Design from the University Dr. Jose Matias Delgado in El Salvador.

The Fulbright Program aims to bring a little more knowledge, a little more reason, and a little more compassion into world affairs and thereby to increase the chance that nations will learn at last to live in peace and friendship.” – Senator J. William Fulbright

In 2016, Taty obtained a Certificate IV in business in Social Media Mastery, enabling her to help clients integrate social media strategies with the marketing and branding of their businesses.

In late 2018, having updated her Digital Marketing skills she won “Student of the Year, 2017” awarded by the Social Media Mastery accredited education.  

When she’s not designing creative projects for Soul Space clients, you can find Taty keeping up to date with social media and learning more about the ever-changing world of online marketing. In her spare time, you can find her under the sun on the beaches of Noosa, reading ebooks (using her tablet, iPhone or Kindle device), watching movies on Netflix, or sharing life on social media.

Associates / Consultants / Contractors

Some Soul Space Design projects require the talent of more professionals around Australia and internationally. We have a strong team of associates and contractors, offering a complete service to suit your needs, from concept to completion!

Des Smith

Search Engine Optmisation

Des is a proven expert in applying the most advanced search engine optimisation and online marketing techniques and strategies across various types of online businesses.

In keeping with the ever-changing and dynamic nature of the internet, his enthusiasm and commitment to success is infectious and he continues to grow and adapt his digital marketing business so he can provide his customers and students with professional, consistent and proven SEO strategies.

With a history of creating and building successful businesses, he has a passion for learning, innovation and business strategy. He is committed to applying the unique skillset that he has acquired over the last 20 years to help like-minded businesses increase their online exposure, grow their customer base and boost their revenues. Based on the Sunshine Coast, find out more about Des and his approach to online marketing and SEO.


Dave Foxall

Content Writer, Editor

A lover of language and words, Dave has been known to obsess (in a good way) over finding exactly the right turn of phrase.

Born in the middle of England (Tolkien country), Dave narrowly escaped becoming a lawyer, and instead spent almost two decades in a variety of government roles (including an 11-year stint in London and a short but fascinating spell helping Latvia and Estonia with their EU membership) all of which honed his communication skills to a fine edge.

Breaking free of ‘civil servitude’, Dave has spent the last several years crafting sharp website content to appeal to both search engine algorithms and real human beings, writing articles for business magazines, and editing, ghostwriting and proofreading manuscripts for authors.

Thanks to the wonders of email and internet, Dave is able to live in Barcelona while working with talented people from all over the globe, including Australia, Chile, China, the Czech Republic, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, the UK, and the US.

When not sculpting words to clients’ requirements, Dave tinkers with story ideas (he’s had one published and hopes it’s not the last!) reviews CDs for Jazz Journal magazine, and walks his crazy Dalmatian Loti four times a day. Read more about Dave and his life in Barcelona as a content writer.

Neil McNulty

IT & Web Servers

Neil looks after our web hosting environment to ensure customers’ websites are accessible at all times. Neil has over 17 years’ experience in the digital media industry and has industry-recognised qualifications.Part of Neil’s skillset includes Level AAA Accessibility training so that customers who require such standards in their websites can get it from us without any fuss. Neil doesn’t just build websites for customers, he also has a number of his own websites which he utilises to expand his skillset and knowledge in the ever-changing digital media industry.Located on the Sunshine Coast, Neil runs a team of experts both in Australia and overseas. You can find out more about Neil’s digital enterprises and the level of services he can offer to creative businesses like Soul Space Design. Visit Suncoast Hosting and Capital Numbers.

Claudia Allwood

Publishing Consultant –USA, Latin America projects. 

Claudia has a degree in architecture and more than 17 years’ experience in editorial design, in the area of book publishing. Her main areas of interests are: art, history, general culture, science and fiction. Claudia’s work has been recognised across the Americas, one of her books (which was designed by Taty) being awarded “Best Book Design” by the Printer’s Association of Florida, USA.

With the publishing revolution for electronic media (ePub) and with her many years of experience as an editorial design specialist, Claudia is now in charge of the American market, both English and Spanish speakers, for the design and production of books.

Claudia and Taty have been business associates for over 20 years, and friends for more than 30 years.
In her spare time, Claudia loves reading, aromatherapy and is an avid art collector.