How much will your website cost?

The requirements for a commercial website are unique to each business. This is why we can only provide you with “Starting Prices” below. The following are some of the factors what impact the cost of your website:

  • Specific features you want the website to have.
  • Specific functionality you want your website to perform.
  • Amount of content we need to research, create, write and/or edit.
  • Your website legals. To comply with Australian consumer law, your website needs to include legal information. We’re affiliated to a law firm that assists our clients in all aspects of online compliance.

We don’t expect you to know all of the above. We spend time getting to know you and your business to find out the best approach to meet your specific needs and wants within a realistic budget.

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Starting Prices

Beautifully Branded Websites

To suit your project and budget, we offer several entry point options:


Mobile Responsive WordPress
$ 900
  • Good for new businesses with limited budget that require a professional look. One Pager with different sections.


Mobile Responsive WordPress
$ 1500
  • Good for new or established businesses. Up to 7 pages beautifully designed.


Mobile Responsive WordPress
$ 2500
  • All inclusions as per our Basic offer. Up to 12 content pages and blog set up. Keyword research data applied to web pages to optimise your content for search engines like Google.


Mobile Responsive WordPress
$ 3500
  • All inclusions as per Essential offer plus: royalty free stock images, premium enquiry form, email marketing connection (if required), social media integration with branded Facebook business page, Google My Business set up.

Taty Hindes at Soul Space Design is the MOST AMAZING branding and web designer. Her combination of creative, technical and ability to interpret what her clients are saying are truly above and beyond anything I experienced in my efforts with other designers. Taty’s work is for people who want a unique quality and feel for their business. She really listens, she goes above and beyond in getting to the core of what is needed. She draws together the professionals needed, she gets the best from her clients with the right questions. She works MAGIC and I love what she did for my site, and cannot recommend her highly enough. Choose Taty.

Dr Patricia Thomas

Dip H Sc. B.App.Sc. M.Ost – Osteopath

Additional Services

Keyword Research

For a search engine friendly website, we find out which words and key phrases need to be included in the content of your website. We also balance Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practice with design, development and user experience.

Domain Registration

A domain name is your website name. We'll organise, purchase and connect your domain name(s) with your new website.


We'll organise your new website sitemap, structure, features and specific pages requirements. Your new website can also integrate external apps to automate business processes. We'll research and plan.

On-Page Optimisation

Ideally, each of your web pages should be optimised for search engines. This service goes hand in hand with keyword research, helping us create content and apply SEO techniques to assists in the natural ranking of each page.

Shopify / Ecommerce

Shopify is a complete commerce platform. We can help you create and customise your online store, allowing you to sell in multiple places including web, mobile, social media and physical locations.

Digital Strategy

A design thinking approach to suit your business and how you work: managing email, integrating social media and email marketing as part of your overall digital marketing.

Website Content Writing

Words are a big part of your website, helping to create the ‘personality’ of your business. Based on keyword research, we can write and/or edit all your website content and sales copy, working closely with you to produce a distinctive ‘tone of voice’ for your brand.

Website Hosting

With dedicated servers here in Australia, security and reliability are our main priorities. The Soul Space web hosting service also includes business hours technical support.

Software Updates

We will keep your WordPress website software up to date with a proactive approach to security.
Our monthly software maintenance service also covers premium licence fees.

Content Updates

This service is for those busy business owners that prefer to focus on what they do best and let us take care of all things related to their website. From simple text changes to new pages, we can do it all for you.


We'll help you in those areas you require help such as social media, email marketing and website content creation, WordPress and Shopify 'how to'.

Graphic Design

We can create branded graphics to make your new website really stand out. We also offer, photo retouching services. Art and technology at your service!

Logo Design

Our logo designs will make your business stand out. Using marks or graphic elements along with a name, we will create a unique logo for your business.

Brand Visual Identity

Your new website is part of your digital strategy and content and distribution are key. We can help you visually brand your business across different media where your content will be distributed: digital, print and social.

Social Media

We can visually brand your social media presence ensuring your digital presence is visually consistent for brand recognition and impact.

Cost effective approach to your small business website

We design using premium software and template systems that enhance WordPress capabilities. All our websites are mobile and tablet-friendly.